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Artistic Director

Sara Chase

Sara brings to Axis Dance Studio her experience, knowledge and passion for dance. Ms. Chase began her training at the Corpus Christi Ballet at the age of three.  Under the tutelage of Christina Sterling Munro, Sara trained in the RAD technique.  While at Munro Dance Studios, Ms. Chase danced with the Corpus Christi Ballet where she performed in the annual production of the Nutcracker.  Sara danced such roles as Angel, Party Boy, Soldier, Snow Flake, Petite Fleur, Ginger Child, and Flower.  Each year Sara had the opportunity to travel with CCB to the Southwestern Ballet Association and took classes from renowned teachers such as David Howard, Suki Schorer, as well as many other world famous ballet and modern teachers.  The summer before moving to Houston, Sara was accepted into the Rock Ballet School and trained with the Pennsylvania Ballet.  She then moved to the Houston area and continued her dance training at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.  At RAFA, Sara joined the Clear Lake Metropolitan Ballet and danced such roles as Cygnet in Swan Lake, Wili in Giselle, Friend in Coppelia, Lilac Fairy Attendant in The Sleeping Beauty, and Fairy God Mother in Cinderella.  After graduating from Clear Brook High School, Sara attended San Jacinto College and danced professionally with The Texas Dance Theater under director, Keith R. Anthony Cross.  While dancing with TDT Ms. Chase attended the World Jazz Dance Congress and danced with such great dancers as Ayman Harper, Keith Cross, Amy Blake, and Ginger Gondron.  After the conclusion of TDT  Sara joined The Houston Metropolitan Dance Company and worked with great choreographers such as Peter Chu, Jason Parsons, Joe Celej,  and Kiante Lucas.    Ms. Chase was featured in Colin Grey's premiere video "It wasn't Me", as well as his follow up video "Body Rock".  Sara also had the honor of performing in Super Bowl XXXVIII.  Ms. Chase's award winning choreography has been performed in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. As artistic director of Fuzion Dance Co. Sara has worked closely with several schools in the Bay Area and is well respected in the Houston Dance Arena.  Sara's  unique style of teaching and ability to create beautiful pieces are the trademark to her success.  

Fuzion Contemporary Dance Company

Arielle Stuehrk

Assistant Director/Grey Division FCDC 2012 - 2017


Elle started taking dance when she was three-years-old. She has had the honor of working with some of the Texas dance worlds finest including Beverly Williams, Keith Cross, Sara Chase, Amber Thorton, Amanda Jackson, Dr. Susan Oliver, Dwight Shelton and Dr. Patty Haselbarth. She has also taken master classes with the likes of Sarah Gamblin, Jordan Fuchs, Debra Knapp, Andy Noble, Mandy Moore, Mia Micheals, Doug Caldwell, Teddy Forance, Bill Evans, George Staib and many others. Elle has been privillaged enough to attend the American College Dance Festival Associations South-Central converence over four times and has performed on the main stage three of those times. She has performed in San Jacinto College's bi annual dance concerts over ten times and has had choreography featured in those same shows and at the dance gathering at the Barnevelder Movement/Arts complex. She has since graduated from San Jacinto College with an Associates of Arts in Dance. In 2016 Elle spent three months in Rome, Italy where participated in VIVO Ballet's NEST program and performed with the company. This is Elle's fifth year in FCDC, which she loves to be a part of because it gives her the oppertunity to experience a number of dance styles in an open and loving enviroment. Although her favorite dance style is Modern she enjoys the challenge of being expected to perform in such varied and demanding dances. 

Christina Giraldo

Grey Division FCDC 2014 - 2017


Christina began dancing in high school where she was a Clear Brook Celebrity.  Shortly after graduating high school, Ms. Giraldo joined FCDC.  During her two years with Fuzion, she has risen through the ranks and is now part of the professional division.  Last year, Christina worked on the set of the movie as an extra in a dance rehearsal.  Ms. Giraldo has danced the roles of Norma Jean, Sweet Starlet, Bitter Starlet, Meteorite, Cassiopeia and Morning in FCDC's "The Fuzed Nutcracker".  During the 2015 - 2016 season, she danced with Fuzion in the benefit performance  "Artists For Hope" at San Jacinto College South".  In addition, Christina has worked with many choreographers during her time with Fuzion, including:  Sara Chase, Jade Devault, Lauren Hurstall, Arielle Stuehrk and Kyra Timmons.  Christina has danced in several of FCDC's signature pieces such as, "Crawling","Ruby Blue", "Headlock" and "Ebb & Flow".  Ms. Giraldo is currently attending the University of Houston and is looking forward to another great season with Fuzion Contemporary Dance Company. 

Joann Hamer

Costume Mistress

Grey Division FCDC 2014 - 2017

Dancer Of The Year 2015 - 2016


Joann began dancing at Axis in 2014 and immediately knew she had found her dance family.  Ms. Hamer started with FCDC in the Pre-professional Training Division and has recently been promoted to the Professional Division due to her extraordinary work ethic and passion.  She has danced the roles of Waitress, Sweet Starlet, Bitter Starlet, Meteorite and Morning in FCDC's "The Fuzed Nutcracker" and   in the 2015 - 2016 season, Joann originated the role of Athena.  She has worked with such choreographers as Sara Chase, Jade Devault, Lauren Hurstall, and Arielle Stuehrk.  In Fuzion's 10 year anniversary performance, Joann danced in Crawling, Ruby Blue, and Headlock, which are FCDC's signature pieces.  Last year, Joann performed with Fuzion at "Artists For Hope" at San Jacinto College South. Joann is starting her senior year at Clear Lake high school where she is a member of FFA and raises goats.  In addition to her dancing skills, Ms. Hamer is also an accomplished seamstress.  She has earned the title of Costume Mistress for FCDC's 2016 - 2017 season. 

Cierra Aguilera

Rehearsal Assistant/Professional Grey Division FCDC 2011 - 2017


Cierra Aguilera was born in Tennessee, and was raised in Texas. She began her dance training at the age of seven when Axis Dance Studio gave a scholarship to McWhirter Elementary and Cierra was chosen as the recipient. Cierra has studied ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and modern. Cierra is training to be a jazz and tap teacher for beginner students. She is also training to be a lyrical/contemporary teacher for begginer and intermediate students. Cierra enjoys ballet and lyrical the most, and feels that ballet and lyrical are her stronger dance styles.Miss Aguiler's strong memory for choreography has awarded her the rehearsal assistant title for FCDC.  Cierra's goal in life is to become a profesional dancer and join a professional company.  She knows it might take a while, but is determined to get there. 

The Glitter Pavement Clique



FCDC's Glitter Pavement Clique 2013 - 2017


Jacey began dancing at the age of 10  and began her training at Axis Dance Studio the same year.  Jacey joined Fuzion during their 2013 - 2014 season and has danced the roles of Angel, Chantico, Entourage and Sweet Starlet in FCDC's "The Fuzed Nutcracker".  In addition, Miss Keys has performed in Glitter Pavement's "A Musical Theater Extravaganza" and FCDC's Funk, Soul, Dance 10 & 11.  This Season, Jacey had the honor of dancing the role of Princess Tiana in FCDC's "Sugarplum Fairy Tea Party". 

Micaela Klein


FCDC's Glitter Pavement Clique 2010 - 2017


Micaela was born and raised in the clear lake area. In school (odyssey academy Bay Area) she has studies architecture.  Miss Klein got into dance because her sister, Elena, was dancing and Micaela thought it looked fun and wanted to do it too. She started dance when she was two and a half.  The aspect of dance Micaela likes most is the environment. She feels at home and carefree. Micaela's strongest dance style is ballet and she has the honor of dancing the roles of Chloe, Meteorites, Sweet Starlet, and Chantico is the upcoming production of Fuzion's " The Fuzed Nutcracker". Micaela performed in The Glitter Pavement Clique's inaugeral performance of "A Musical Theater Extravaganza" as well as FCDC's "Funk, Soul, Dance 9, 10 & 11."  This year, Miss Klein was chosen to dance the role of Sugarplum Fairy in FCDC's "Sugarplum Fairy Tea Party."  Aside from dance, Micaela enjoys riding horses. Once every month or two she competes in horse competitions. Her goals in life are to go to a good college, and become a better dancer/ horse rider.

Ava Aleman


FCDC's Glitter Pavement Clique 2013 - 2017


Ava began dancing at the age of 6 at Axis Dance Studio.  A year later, she auditioned for FCDC.  Ava trains in the styles of ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, hip hop and musical theater.  Miss Aleman has performed the roles of Angel and Andromeda in FCDC's "A Fuzed Nutcracker" and has danced in Glitter Pavement Clique's "A Musical Theater Extravaganza".  This year Ava performed in the role of Dewdrop Fairy in FCDC's "Sugarplum Fairy Tea Party" and was selected to sing a solo in FCDC's "Winter Wonderland"

Nuri Reyes


FCDC's Glitter Pavement Clique 2014 - 2017


Nuri began dancing at Axis Dance Studio in 2013.  The same season, she was accepted into FCDC's Glitter Pavement Clique.  Miss Reyes has danced the roles of Angel and Mini Bitter Starlet in FCDC's "The Fuzed Nutcracker" and dance in Glitter Pavement Clique's "A Musical Theater Extravaganza".  Nuri was honored to dance the role of "Tiger Lily" in FCDC's 2016 production of "Sugarplum Fairy Tea Party".  She looks forward to dancing in FCDC's spring production of "A Tribute to Lost Musicians" in March of 2017.

Suzette Reyes


FCDC's Glitter Pavement Clique 2014- 2017


Suzette has been dancing at Axis Dance Studio for 4 years.  She was accepted into FCDC's professional training program, Glitter Pavement Clique in 2013.  Miss Reyes has danced Angel and Dewdrop Fairy in FCDC's "A Fuzed Nutcracker" and danced in The Glitter Pavement Cliques very first performance of "A Musical Theater Extravaganza".  This season, Suzette danced the role of Dewdrop Fairy in FCDC's "Sugarplum Fairy Tea Party" and was excited to dance in her first ever pointe dance in FCDC's "Winter Wonderland".

Victoria Villarreal


Glitter Pavement Clique 2015 - 2017


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